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Written By William Nesbitt
Researched By Jennifer Nesbitt

Many people are concerned about the financial markets, and rightly so after the 2008 stock crash and bailout… We say “Stock Crash” because “Market Correction” covers over the fact that millions of people lost a huge part of their life savings. We do not see this as a “correction.” We prefer to speak in plain terms, say it like it really is… Stock Crash.

Suppose you want to invest outside of Wall Street, outside of stocks and mutual funds… Where are the best investments? How can you get income? Once outside of Wall Street, investing becomes a whole new game, with many great opportunities that bring both personal and financial rewards, as well as peace of mind rarely ever found in stocks or mutual funds.

Discover Investments outside Wall Street paper certificates:

This website is all about investments which are selected to perform especially well in this new economic climate, and they are all outside Wall Street. We even searched for investments that work better when economic chaos is occurring, and so, this required us to explore unique opportunities that most investors know little or nothing about. Most of the investments we choose are physical entities you can see and touch right in front of you.

For example, we are big on holding real gold and silver as security against hyper-inflation, but we are against owning gold stocks or silver futures. We regard ETF silver stocks as too risky because there are 200 times the futures contracts in existence as there is physical silver above ground: It should be one to one, not one to two hundred. Why own a paper certificate for gold and silver, when you can hold the real thing in the form of gold bullion and gold coins, or in silver bullion and silver coins.

Our investment solutions divide into three categories to satisfy our three goals of investing: security, growth, and income. Thus, we divided our family capital almost equally in these three ways; security, growth, and income. However, before all else there was one main priority that governed every investment and that priority was not losing our money. Retaining the original capital was always the essential criteria, and so many forms of investment were discarded because they were deemed too risky to lose the principal, sooner or later, in this precarious economy.

1 – Investing for Security

Investments for security primarily ensure our money is not lost, no matter what, especially since we are facing the specter ?of high inflation in some areas and deflation in other areas. When investing for security, the possibility of growth and income are merely side benefits if they happen at all. If there is a massive economic crash or hyper-inflation occurs, then we want to have a solid capital base that increases in value inside these worst case scenarios. Too many unusual economic events are happening for us to rest assured that everything is fine and to believe that extreme scenarios are impossible. We believe anything is possible at this point, and we are preparing for both the worst and the best at the same time. We do not trust the government, nor the banks, nor the media… they all have lied repeatedly, and so, we are taking the responsibility for our future and not leaving our prosperity up to any of them.

2 – Investing for Growth

Investments that grow our money primarily, such that the principal amount increases; thus monthly income is not a criteria. This may be from interest or earnings not paid out yet such as in Tax Lien Certificates, or from the physical growth of a business asset, like a rare hardwood tree plantation.

3 – Investing for Income

This is investing to receive income paid out monthly, some we spend to live day to day; thus growing the principle is not a criteria. The best strategy we found for income investing is to actively work these investments part time to build multiple income streams that keep paying us long after we stop working them… passive income machines, such as billboards.

Taking responsibility for managing our own money:

We are not bankers, nor investment experts, and the investments we choose reflect this… we don’t even think like bankers, nor stock brokers, nor investment advisers. We are a family of hard working people committed to never again trusting “experts” who, unfortunately, proved to us in 2008 that they do not have mastery investing our money.

The financial world has changed, and in this era we no longer feel comfortable investing in stocks, including mutual funds. We no longer trust the people who manage the big Wall Street institutions; maybe we never should have. We continually worry about the ?next stock crash, and this became very apparent when Greece began defaulting earlier in 2010: This gave us a real scare. Were we about to lose it all in the next global downturn? We do not want to live with fears of losing our hard earned money, but when we looked around for alternatives, none were easily found, especially none that would perform well in a chaotic economy. Or so we thought. Continue reading

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Gold mining supply

Continue reading

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GATA’s Bill Murphy exposes how the Gold Cartel is Bombing the Market for Precious Metals

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Mike Maloney – Gold Silver Radio Jan 2012. Price Action, Deflation, International Diversification.

goldsilver Leigh Greenberg speaks with CEO of on price action, inflation/deflation, international diversification, counterfeits and more. Visit our website for more great interviews.

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The Bearish Gold Predictions Forget One Important Market Reality

The Bearish Gold Predictions Forget One Important Market Reality
December 21, 2011, at 4:05 pm
by Jim Sinclair in the category General Editorial | Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Dear Extended Family,

There is a certain extremely important market reality that must be kept in mind as you listen to all the bearish gold predictions.

What is good for the dollar is bad for gold.

This is wrong because it depend what dollar related factors are giving a positive dollar price action.

If the good for the dollar was strong US economic activity, sound balance sheets in the US financial industry and a US consumer ready and credit able to expand, the answer would be yes if these activities were for the long term

That strong dollar would not be good for gold. Continue reading

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Silver price update from Eric Sprott and James Turk


Watch the full 33-minute interview at In this video, recorded August 4 2011, Eric Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about how there isn’t enough silver in the silver market to back existing “paper silver” commitments, such as silver ETF paper certificates. Sprott thinks that “silver will be the investment of this decade.” Eric Sprott exposes shortages in silver, specifically in ‘real’ silver or physical silver… i.e. there is 200 times more paper certificates holding silver than there is actual silver above ground… in other words, silver is way over sold by 200 times in the futures market. The correct futures trading ratio is 1 : 1 and not 200 : 1. - Buy Gold & Silver

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Paul Announces Hearing on Monetary Policy and Rising

Washington, DC: Congressman Ron Paul, Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology subcommittee, announced that the subcommittee will hold a hearing to examine the relationship between monetary policy and rising prices (with a particular focus on food and energy prices).

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 17th at 10:00 AM, in room 2128 of the Rayburn House office building.

“It is unconscionable that published government statistics mislead Americans regarding the true rate of price inflation, which is much higher than commonly-reported CPI numbers,” Paul stated. “It is also unconscionable that Federal Reserve Bank officials continue to deny the effects of their monetary expansion on consumer prices. Inflation, properly understood, is a monetary phenomenon. The price inflation Americans suffer today is largely the direct result of relentless monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve over the past decade. Our witnesses will explore how current monetary policy, including QE2, directly impacts the standard of living of Americans in ways that are not reflected in official government data.” Continue reading

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Silver Shocker

Silver Shocker

By: Theodore Butler

— Posted 7 March, 2011 | Share this article | Discuss This Article – Comments: 11 Source:

Here’s an extended excerpt from the Weekly Review sent to subscribers on March 5 –

The big surprise was in the silver COT, where the big 4 increased their net short position by 3000 contracts on the previously mentioned reduction of 1300 contracts in the total commercial net short position. This increase in the big four’s short position broke the pattern of a reduction in the concentrated short silver position that had been in force for months. The increase in the concentrated short silver position was so unexpected by me that I thought, at first, it must have been a mistake. Since the Bank Participation Report was released late yesterday, an hour or two after the COT, my first thought in the interim was that it would not be JPMorgan increasing its concentrated short position, but most likely the other three entities in the big four. After all, with all the negative attention (and losses) accruing to JPMorgan and its big silver short position, there would be no way JPM would have accounted for the 3000 contract increase in the COT for the big four. Continue reading

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Money, Markets & Mayhem

The global financial system is a closed loop, not infinite but finite, the more paper dollars that are put into circulation, the more paper dollars will be bid for the same finite quantities of products such as commodities like gold, silver, oil, food, etc. Since the US dollar is the international currency of trade, the printing of extreme quantities of paper US dollars is not just beginning to create inflation in America, to the entire global financial system. The USA is exporting inflation to the whole world, as can be seen from oil prices and food prices rising to record highs. This will powerfully call forth demand for the US dollar to be replaced with a new currency of international trade that is stable and non-inflationary.

The President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, recently called for a new post Bretton-Woods currency system and said that Gold was worthy of consideration as a reference point for modern currencies. This is in line with what we have been predicting for more than two years… that the world is about to create a new currency of international trade to replace the US dollar, and this new currency will be based on the gold standard and not tied to any country or economy.

This fits with so many central banks taking delivery of huge quantities of gold over the last 3 years, such as the Central Bank of India taking delivery of 200 metric tonnes of gold in 2009 and China taking delivery of 200 tonnes in 2011. Central banks taking delivery of gold is a reversal of policy of so many central banks that have sold their gold holdings over the last five decades. When this new currency of international trade replaces the US dollar, we expect the US dollar to rapidly de-value.

In the short term, this will be devastating on Americans, however, in the long run it will reverse the devastating effects Free Trade has had on US manufacturing as buying American products becomes competitive around the world again. Also, this ploy may work to deflate the US out of debt internationally, which is now at 14 Trillion dollars. We want to thank many of our experts listed on this site for calling this move several years ago.

Up-Date on our Progress
We are currently exploring a series of income producing investments, separate from Wall Street, as solutions to the problem of investing in a stock market that has proven to be neither trustworthy nor stable. By fall 2011, we will have posted many of these solutions, having then worked out the legal issues of affiliation, and scrutinized these investments enough to be confident of their integrity. However, the real going concern right now is the changing global economic climate, which is beginning to threaten the very survival of our capital base.

Our focus at present is the economic state of the world and investment solutions to survive any calamity, in case there is a major financial melt-down. Too many extreme economic factors are now present and combining as never before all around the world… any major economic shock will be global in scope, not regional, meaning the impact will be epic and long lasting. At present, the primary goal of our investment strategy is… make sure the capital base can survive any severe economic shocks. Only after that position is secured can we concern ourselves with capital growth or producing income.

GoldNomics – Cash or Gold Bullion?

After all our research, we have concluded that holding physical gold and silver has always been a successful way for people to survive with their original wealth intact, through even the worst calamities in history, such as wars, and revolutions, and economic collapses. During these catastrophic transitions, often gold and silver would actually increase immensely in purchasing power. Thus, those people who held gold and silver were able to start over at an extraordinary level, when everyone else was starting out with next to nothing. Gold and silver are the only real currencies that endure everything, the only way to remain liquid through catastrophes and then buy up undervalued assets.

This conclusion is echoed best by the experts we feature on this site… such as Mike Maloney, Eric Sprott, David Morgan, and especially by the founder of Younique Wealth Philip Judge. Three cheers to Younique Wealth for building a gold business for the primary purpose of ensuring everyone could hold gold and silver in small denominations to get through the coming times, so that all people can survive and even prosper through any future crisis and not just the elite wealthy. The system Younique created allows us to save a little money in gold coins and silver bars, month after month, delivered right to our door, and build an income machine at the same time that helps grow our financial freedom. Awesome! This aligned so well with everything we value that we signed up. Continue reading

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Gold standard now supported by Alan Greenspan the person who help destroy U.S. Dollar

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